Ministry is a way for us to reach people in our community for the cause of Christ.  It is a place to serve and use the talents and gifts God has given each member of His Body of believers.  Are you using your gifts and talents?  At "HBC" we have several Ministries that you can serve in; please look them over and see where you can help.  To find your place in HBC Ministry just follow the link: We have a place for "YOU" to serve.


We have a place for you!

Heart to Heart Ministry

Our Heart to Heart Women's Ministry provides a safe place of hope, encouragement, and support for women of all ages and backgrounds.  It is through fun activities and specific Bible studies designed for women that hope, encouragement, and spiritual strength are found.

The Bible studies offered are taught by seasoned women of faith like Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Elizabeth George and many more.

We want to invite you, and your friends, to come and experience spiritual hope, encouragement and strength through God's love that connects us Heart to Heart. 
Deborah Dibble, Heart to Heart Leader

Men's TEAM Ministry

Men's Ministry is a place for men of all ages to serve.  In this ministry you can: Be involved in helping with maintenance around the church, Attend inspiring conferences & talks with the men of HBC, Join in for "Fellowship" gatherings, Bible Study, and of course enjoying the finer points of a good meal.  Yes the men of Horizon Baptist have a place for "YOU"!

Shut-In Ministry

This ministry is to help serve those who are not able to get out on their own.  We visit the members of our church body that for what ever reason find themselves confined to their own homes.  We get out and provide them with a time of Christian Fellowship.  From a friendly phone call to see how they are, to a personal visit to share a laugh or a Scripture Reading.  This ministry helps keep those who are shut-in, in touch with their Church Family!


This ministry provides childcare during our Adult Bible Study on Sunday mornings as well as during our Late Morning Worship Service.  This can be a "Changing" Ministry where you may just "rock" your way through Service!


This ministry is for those who have an ear for music.  We are always looking to add: Voices to our Choir, Soloist to our Special Music & those who can play a musical instrument.  If that is you please consider raising your voice or providing your musical instrument in Worship to our Lord and Savior.  This ministry helps make the congregation ready to Worship!

Martha's Housekeeping Ministry

Our building gets a lot of use and as such is in need of on-going attention.  This work is done by a group of volunteers that provide their time once a week for one month rotating periods.  We all enjoy the building we meet in, and this group is a major part of the pride we all take in our church building.
Beverly Newman

Parking Lot

We are the first person you see when you pull into Church on Sunday.  We open your door and help you inside and keep traffic moving through the parking lot.  We have even been known to park the car of those in need.  If you have a desire to serve and want to be out doors this is the Ministry for you!